Building and Facilities Management Solutions



Simple Building Management is changing the landscape and image of building and facilities management in Australia and is at the forefront of modern, trend setting methods using the most up to date technology.

Specialising in residential, commercial and strata buildings in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs, the team at Simple Building Management have over 20 years of experience in the property and construction industries. 

Simple Building Management is powered by the most current and proven management systems and has the processes of large global organisations but with the touch and feel of a small market operator which allows for bespoke, value for money service models to suit each individual building and development. 

There is so much to be gained by keeping it simple
— Richard Branson

After realising the lack of quality and value for money operators in the sector, Simple Building Management established a mission to change the landscape of the building and facilities management industry by being at the forefront of technology and adding a combination of trend setting and skill based capabilities to our work.

Simple Building Management is now the most popular new building and facility management company in Australia and is fast becoming the trendiest and most stylish. Our mission to improve the industry standards also includes turning difficult situations into simple results and meeting the growing need for quality, value and adaptable building management solutions. Simple Building Management is dedicated to providing a stylish and modern building management service offering with a highlighted focus on the customer's needs and requirements.

With the growing need for residential apartment dwellings in Australia, it is important that the buildings they are within are maintained and managed professionally to protect not only the value of the building but also the value of the apartments themselves. At Simple, we pride ourselves on providing proactive and professional building management solutions that not only protect the value but also increase it, through the implementation of modern technologies, improvements and planned maintenance strategies, especially through the building inception and defect liability periods.

In the commercial space it is paramount that the building's services are optimised to achieve the maximum amount of value for the operating budget in conjunction with a methodical and logical approach to capital expenditure to ensure the integrity and value of the building. Simple Building Management's techniques in this space have been refined over years of demonstrated experience by the reduction of administration budgets and maximising the value of planned capital works expenditure in turn ensuring the best possible return on investment.

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